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Our Process Puts Ideas Into Action

Goal Discovery

During your initial meeting with us, you talk, and we listen. We use this opportunity to get to know who you are, what is most valuable to you, what you’re looking to achieve and how you feel we fit into your vision.

Plan Development

After discussing your current balance sheet, outlining where you are, and where you want to go, we will conduct a thorough review in completing a portfolio stress test and fee analysis. Our objective is to develop a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals while remaining within your comfort level in taking on risk.


After finalizing all of the data analysis and reviewing our recommendations, we will implement your plan.

Progress Monitoring

As your life changes, so may your goals, priorities, and even your plan. Therefore, open communication is crucial and will ensure that major life-changes are not going unaccounted for over the course of time. You will define how we communicate whether it be email, phone or in-person meetings and we will proactively touch base over time for comprehensive reviews of your life, your goals, and your investments.