Succession Planning & Partnership

At Rockline, one of our top values is having a growth mindset. We are always looking to grow our practice, whether it be through partnering with a solo practitioner to help them maximize their business or develop a succession strategy for those looking at the next journey of their life. There are many benefits to both of these opportunities for like-minded individuals and if you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out.

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Succession Planning

Seamless Transition

We will help make this process as easy on you and your clients as possible. From integrating the back office administrative portion to having an hands on approach with your clients.

Confidence for you

Not having a plan in place can be a daunting feeling when looking forward to the next phase of your life. We will put one in place that helps you to plan for your future.

Confidence for your Clients

It can be a worrisome feeling for your clients if they don't know how they will be taken care of after you leave. We can help give them confidence of their path forward.


Cramming to put a plan in place can stretch you thin and not allow you to be at your best for your clients. With our approach we can help ease your flexibility so you can look forward to your next journey.

Why Partner with us

Support Staff

Full support team to help you with your administrative work so you can do what you do best. Help your Clients!


High quality software to help you track metrics and manage your clients and prospects.

Competitive Compensation

Compensation is extremely competitive compared to industry trends.

Growth Oriented Firm

Young but established firm with a mindset based on growing and better serving families throughout the U.S.

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